For 15 years now we have been organizing motorcycle tours that are something special and also challenging. They are therefore not suitable for every motorcyclist (see riding skills). For curve junkies, however, it's the ultimate challenge! Every day curves and passes until you drop them. It can make you dizzy...

This is how motorcycling is really fun, provides many moments of happiness and pure adrenaline! That's why there's plenty to talk about in a relaxed atmosphere in the evening.

And the best thing about it: Each participant receives the GPS data of the route for the navigation device and can thus organize the day himself together with others. I.e. no tour guide drives ahead and sets the tone; but we are always available if there are questions or problems to be solved!

Due to the many passes and the length of the daily stages, there is no special sightseeing - the beautiful mountain panorama and the many curves are the real highlights of the tours.

Our tours are supervised by very experienced tour guides, and our 40-year passion for motorcycles guarantees that every participant gets their money's worth.

In 2022 we tried out the ACT (Adventure Country Track) Italy - 5-day off-road tour as a pilot tour, which can also be ridden with large two-cylinder adventure bikes. Due to the good experience and the adventures we have had on this tour, we want to expand the off-road travelling and are offering the ACT Portugal and ACT Pyrenees tours this year.

Our LaCorse and AlpenGlühn road tours remain unchanged in the program. However, the day of arrival at the AlpenGlühn this year is Sunday, so that the start and finish hotel can be in Champéry. At ElPirineo we return to our classic route.

Ride with us and enjoy the great routes and unique moments. We're looking forward…


Road touring
The focus of our tours are the tires and brakes!
The many curves and the resulting braking and acceleration processes are extremely tough on the tires. Therefore, before the start of the tour, make sure that your tires have a full profile.

In addition, the brake pads should still be thick enough.

You can also rent BMW motorcycles for the tours. Ask us.

Off-road tours
The “ACT” tours can be ridden with any off-road bike that is approved for use on public roads and that can also transport some luggage. The "makers" of the ACTs always ride these tours with fully equipped travel adventure bikes. New off-road tires are a must!

Driving skills

Road touring
Solid mountain experience is a basic requirement for these tours. The motorcycle must be controlled safely on winding roads, but especially in hairpins. The daily stages are strenuous and require endurance and good physical condition.

Off-road tours
Basic knowledge of off-road riding is absolutely necessary! At least one two-day off-road training course - e.g. in the Enduropark Hechlingen or with the Enduro Action Team - must be completed before the start of the tour. The daily stages are strenuous and require endurance and good physical condition.


 • During the day, the 0.0 blood alcohol rule applies to our tours, even if a glass of wine is actually always part of the meal in Southern Europe. We do without it and enjoy it in the evening.
 • Full CE marked rider gear must be worn. It can also be very warm on our tours and the most comfortable thing would be to “ride a t-shirt”. However, we always wear a closed helmet - no jet helmet!, a riding suit with back, shoulder, elbow and knee protectors, motorcycle gloves and suitable, high boots - preferably off-road boots for off-road riding.
 • A protection letter is absolutely necessary for these extremely demanding tours!
 • The maximum number of participants on these tours is 15 people.